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In the third and final installment of Swinging in the Bible Belt, I chronicle the final months of what began as a friendship, grew into a close-knit “friends with benefits” foursome, and ultimately fell into a downward spiral in which I barely crawled from the wreckage.
I gave all that I had to three people I cherished, one of whom I gave my complete and total trust both in and out of the bedroom—and he was not my husband. Peter had taken me for the ride of my life and when all the lies and betrayal were finally revealed, he left me to crash and burn. But I wasn’t the only one to fall from grace. Peter and Mary became casualties of the fall out they created as well.
I wish I could say my husband helped me picked up the pieces of my shattered existence, but the reality was, I felt completely alone. It was up to me to find the strength to survive and to move on. And that’s how I managed to fight my way back to myself. 

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Life has a way of taking us places completely different than we’d ever imagined.

I was a preacher’s daughter, loving mother, and faithful wife. My husband and I were happy, but we yearned for something more…something adventurous. What we found was another couple who became our close companions and introduced us to the “swinging” lifestyle.

Peter and Mary shared our values and dedication to family and career, so it was no surprise that we all became so close, so fast. Not only did we attend swinger events together, but we vacationed together, our families blended well together, and essentially we spent regular time in bed with each other's spouse.

We all knew the dangers of what we were doing and what could happen if anyone found out. As my daddy always told me, “Be sure your sins will find you out.” Yet we continued to live the “double life” that had become like an addiction, denying that reality could hit us hard, causing irreparable damage.

This is a true story about our foursome friendship, the swinging lifestyle, and how it ultimately changed our lives forever. 

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  ****** There are characters that you will meet in book 3, that are trying to sabatoge and have left a few ugly reviews, 3 to be will learn more about their involvment later and understand more of why they don't want you reading this gets pretty interesting!.

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